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    • Students will meet on Wednesdays from 3:00pm to 3:30pm. Students wil have to be supervised by me while working on any murals. Only students in the Mural Committe for the Art Club are responsible for painting murals. They applied and worked hard on submitting their own artwork in order to be selected. 
    • 8th Grade Graduation Committee will not meet until April 2020. 
    • Student Judges for Art Exhibits will have announced meetings throughout the year.

    Congratulations to the following students in Art Club: 

    Mural Painters

    (Weds, After School Meetings will be announced soon)


    Mural Group 1: Grade 8 Graduation Mural 

    1. Kylie Mulligan
    2. Raquel Diaz
    3. Mary Fiona Ranario
    4. Anna Vilinsky
    5. Diego Haro
    6. Manish Nyayapati
    7. Amaya Manning
    8. Fernanda Uribe
    9. Amelie Rosado
    10. Ariel Konopka


    Mural Group 2: Other  Murals in Building (They will be assigned during our meeting)

    1. Aidan Maldonado

    2. Haily Roseberry

    3. Mia Padavano

    4 Angely Ferrer

    5. Devanshu Bodhankar

    6. Abigail Dennis

    7. Nicholas Hayek

    8. Christian Perez



    Graduation Committee  - We start our meeting in April after school

    1. Christie Sugiaman
    2. Leah Duffill
    3. Yzhan Dong
    4. Andrea Iasinouschi
    5. Litzy Martinez
    6. Paige Becan
    7. Bernadette Fall
    8. Jack Perkins


    Art Advocacy Committee / Make your own Artwork in the Studio 

    1. Genesis Gabriel
    2. Sean Perdone
    3. Alani Rodriguez
    4. Mia Stinziano
    5. Noah Stanford
    6. Isabella Parisi